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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Easy Infinity Scarf

So, infinity scarves are very popular at the moment. I love them.... BUT not enough to buy one. Especially when I have so many regular scarves that can be made into infinity scarves! 

HERE is how to make one for your self!

What you will need:

- A scarf (the longer the better)
- Scissors
- Fabric Glue!

Step one:
Cut off any fringe or whatever is on the ends of the scarf!

Step 2:

Fold the scarf in half so that both ends meet. If your scarf has a pattern, the outside of the scarf should now be on the inside. 

Step 3:

Use the fabric glue to make a seam no more than an inch a way from the end of the scarf. Then lay the other end of the scarf on top and pat it down so the glue can do its stuff!

Step 4:
Wait for it to dry!!!!
When it is dry you should have a seam like this!


 I like to wear them unfolded.

But this is cute too! 



  1. Love it! thx.

  2. Hey, just saw this idea. I have loved the infinity scarf idea forever and have wanted to try it for the longest time. So thanks for the instructional. :)