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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cute and Sassy Headband Tutorial!! (Great for all hair lengths!)

This is really easy to make and there was absolutely NO sewing involved!

I like this headband because it has a wire running through it. That makes it adjustable and it will stay on your head all day!
Here's how it's done!

WHAT YOU'LL NEED (more or less):

- one fourth of a yard of fabric (the softer the better)
- one yard of coated wire (the wire should be able to bend and hold its shape)
- ruler 
- fabric glue (because I cant really sew)
*pins are optional

Step one:

Fold your fabric in half. Hot dog style :)

Step two:
Iron the bottom edge. This is kinda sorta optional but I think it helps! (AlsoOoo, if you don't have an iron use a hair straightener... thats what I did!)

Step three:
Unfold the fabric so the patterned side is face up! Measure about 2 cm from the edge and make a line of fabric glue all along that edge. 

Step four:

Fold the fabric in half! Go do something else for 10 minutes while it dries. 

Step five:

 Scrunchhh the fabric up using your finger. 

 When you get to the other end of the fabric pull it through....

Now, you should have a seam.... and you didn't even have to pick up a needle. 

Step six:

Take the wire and straighten it out!

The wire is going to run along the seam! BUT NOT YET!

choose one side of the seam then measure about 1 1/2 cm from the edge of the fabric. Then make another line of glue.
Then stick the two sides together! Creating another seam!

Step seven:

When its dry, find the hole in between the two seams!

Run the wire through!

It should look something like this when the wire is inside of it.

Step eight:

Trim off the extra fabric on the end but leave about an inch on each side.

Step nine:

Glue the edges together on both ends of the fabric.



I like to put in on my head and then twist/scrunch the ends together to make a flowery thingy! 


1 comment:

  1. very cute. just what I'm looking to make since stretch headbands always wind up popping off the back of my head.
    Where do you get coated wire? I looked at floral stems but they weren't long enough.