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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 Things to do When You are NOT Feeling Fabulous...

Sometimes when you're in a bad mood (for whatever reason,) you need something to make your day a little brighter... 

Here is a list of 9 things I like to do when I feel like poop:

1. Wear SEXY Undies. yea.. undies. 

No matter what size we actually are, we all feel FAT and GROSS some days. Wearing sexy undies can help to remind you that you are hot... even if you are the only one that gets to enjoy the view. 

2. Light a Candle that Smells GOOOOD.

If your nose is happy... so are you. 
p.s. dont start a fire.... that will only make your day worse. 


I HATE going to the gym. But once I am all done with my workout I feel GREAT! Even if you can only do a little...

4. Clean Your Space Up.  

I cannot tell you how many times I have sat like a LOSER in my DISASTER of a room feeling like shit, not knowing what to do or how to entertain my self.  But then I would get the brite idea to tidy up and BAM! I just felt good... I dont know why this one works... it just does! 


Someone once told me that the only two men in my life should be Ben&Jerry. If your feelin' heart achy.... these guys can help! 

6. Take a shower...

wash your hair, leave the conditioner in EXTRA long, exfoliate, shave, and even swab out your ears if you need to... you'll feel right as rain.

7. Paint those piggies!

Makes ya feel like a champ.

8. Sttttrrrrreeeeeeetttcccchhhh 

Even if you think you're bad at yoga (like me) .... use google to look up easy poses and just do a few. 

look how happy they are!
My mom always says to me, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." 

So, there you have it! 

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