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Sunday, May 8, 2011

To The Nines: NINE Things I LOVE for SPRING!

SO! Spring is here! The following is a list of 9 fashion trends that I think are DA BOMB!! 

First up on the list:

Rust and Burnt Orange clothing/accessories:
I have no idea why I am so attracted to this right now but I do know that I absolutely LOOOVE it. I think its great because it's a way to add INTENSE color to your wardrobe even if you usually don't like to rock bright colors. What I really want.... is a blazer in this color. AND SPEAKING OF BLAZERS....


The Boy Friend Blazer
I have been really into these lately. BF blazers are an awesome way to class up your shit. 'Nuf Said. 

Number 3:

ADORABLE platform sandals. 
These are Big Buddha 'Zig' sandals. I LOVE them! (I own a pair.) They are tall but you can definitely still walk in them comfortably. BUT THE BEST PART IS... they are under 60 bucks! Work them with some skinny jeans or a pair of shorts to make you legs look HAWT. I love LOVE LoVe, THESE SHOES!

Number 4:

Being 5'9",  I feel like I (and other tall ladies) should really use this trend to our advantage. Its a way to get a lot of pattern and color in an outfit without looking like your drowning in it. 

Number 5:
Crop Top

Now, crop tops are not for everyone. I certainly understand not wanting to reveal you tummy to the world. However, I think a crop top can be cute without being scant. You can layer it with a tank or pair it with something high waisted on the bottom. 

Number 6:
I Adore-a a good Fedora 
I dont usually agree with hats. The only time I will ever wear one is in the winter. BUT with fedoras... I don't know, they're just cool looking. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU WEAR ONE.

Number 7:
Just like fedoras, these are just cool. You gotta love looking like a cop. 

Number 8:
Stack them Bracelets Ladies

I see this everywhere (including my own wrists.) I just think its cute. Also, a great way to show off every  bracelet you own at once. SOOO consider that. 

The Small Saddle Bag
 Being a humongous bag person, I was very much against this trend when it got popular. But, over time, as I saw it more and more, It just grew on me. AND NOW I LOVE THEM. Having a little bag is great for many reasons. For one thing, it's like a big wallet that you can just take with you anywhere... And secondly, wearing the usually skinny strap across your body can be a great way to make you look longer and thinner. So there's that. 

And there you have it boys and girls! My top 9  fashion trends for spring. I hope this has been both a touching and informative experience for you. 

Keep it sexy people. 

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